About Us

Hambahat.com is a registered meat processing & live cattle selling company named of HambaHat Ltd. Located at Dilkusha, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our company started tosell raw meat from 1st o March 2021. HambaHat Ltd. have started it’s own sell through e-commerce & F-Commerce in Mohammadpur, Lalmatiya, Dhanmondi & Jurain, Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide our customers pure, fresh, hygienic, halal meats. We take a decision to create a one-stopmeat solution maintained with hygiene & Premium quality through online. As ahuman being people deserve pure and hygienic food. But the so called meat seller arevery often playing with this issue very badly. We’ve suffered a lot that’s why we canfeel your sufferings. We promise you to provide 100% fresh, hygienic and halal meatsfor you & your family. We have a semi-automatic slaughter house where we slaughter only naturally rearedcattle by our own channel along with the rural people & we’ve trained them aboutfood safety very earlier. We have highly skilled butcher with more than 12 years’experience. They know how to maintain quality. We use advanced technology to cutyour meets according to customers demand & we maintain cold chain to serve meatsat your door. As all of our cattle are reared with only green grass, so you will get pure red meat without any harmful part in the meat. So eat healthy stay healthy with this red meat.We will look forward to get endless support and love to go further in future.Thank You Very Much.